Sunday, December 30, 2007


JUST ORDERED: SRP Racing's Classic Race Pedals - Satin Billet These are the Manual Transmission pedals in Satin Finish. They also come in Machined and other textures as well. These are plain but you can also get them with the GT logo, the Pony, and the Cobra. I didn't get the Pony because on the Auto Transmission version the Pony is facing the Right instead of the Left. I'm finicky that way... SRP Racing ADDED TO THE WISHLIST:
  1. JBA PowerCables - 9mm Blue - Spark Plug Cables
  2. Scott Drake Door Sill Plate Accent Bars - Brushed Aluminium
  3. Scott Drake Dome Light Accents (for Active Alarm), Brushed Aluminium MRT Hood Struts
The above wishlist items are from Dallas Mustang: Dallas Mustang and Laurel Mountain Mustang ( are the ones who helped me get all the Scott Drake Billet cap pieces for under the hood just in time for Yellow Rose. (Thanks Guys! ) Oh, and the rest of the Christmas $$$??... I have a snazzy new Ality Pixxa 8-Inch LCD Photo Frame (with 512MB Memory) for my office that does photos, movies, and music... I have it programmed now to show different photos during the day each work week. It's cool to open my office door every morning and see my baby there. :) Every hour it changes then at 5 PM it displays the clock... Time to go home!! I also picked up some kick-A earphones for my iPod. The earphones are by V-moda and are called Vibe. These little in-ear phones pack some serious bass and awesome sound!!! I had been looking for some replacement phones and didn't want to buy Bose just on the brand's reputation alone. I had done some research on V-Moda and decided to try them out. I was very impressed. I wanted a set of phones that could handle the bass in the Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B that I listen to but also handle the complex mixing of the Trance, D&B, and Electronic. I needed an expansive sound stage with excellent response on the mids and highs as well. Still, comfort was essential. The phones that come with the iPod leave a lot to be desired. Anyway, these ROCK! They are VERY comfortable, I hardly know they are even there. The cord is a bit too long but that's ok. Both the frame and the earphones are from Sharper Image. I have four new CD's on their way. Three of these are ones I've owned, loved, but somehow misplaced. BT's ESCM, Digweed's MMII, and Kosheen's Resist. LOL! You have to love Trance/D&B to appreciate those names/titles. The fourth is TQ's second album, The Second Coming, which was never released in the USA. Susan and I have both been wanting to get that for a long time... His new album is due out in February. If you don't know who TQ is check out his website (NOTE: This is a R&B/Rap/Urban artist.) I also managed to add yet ANOTHER pair of Converse All Stars to my collection. I think this makes 31 now. :) So, all in all, my Christmas gifts to myself have been very nice. Not much for the Mustang... But reviewing my mod list and taking in account that this is a special there really isn't a whole lot more I can do. I'm sure there are more cosmetic things I can do to the engine maybe... even change a few more things on the interior... but if we get too carried away we go from classy to rice and unless it's on a plate I don't do Rice. One last thing, my sweetie bought the most beautiful necklace for me for Christmas. It is the infinity symbol and half of it is in diamonds. I'd seen it in an advertisment before Christmas and remarked on how much I liked it... She remembered. She is the best. :) Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!! Reba

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas is coming...

That means $$$ for car stuff, camera stuff, or just 'whatever' stuff.... so it's time to figure out what in the world I want to spend it on. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"STAMPEDE 351" Badges...

While at the Yellow Rose Classic back in August I ran into a guy from a company called "On in 60 Seconds" who made some "STAMPEDE 351" badges for my car. All Stampedes have the interior badges but nothing on the exterior of the car to identify it as "Stampede XXX" in the 500 released.

I removed the "351" plates I had on the left front bumper and left rear trunk lid deck and put these in their place. They look sharp and quickly identify the car as a Stampede. On in 60 Seconds is interested in making these badges for all of the Stampedes as well as the CE's.

Here are the pictures of mine:

On in 60 Seconds:

Quick Change Console Plates #16201
High impact plastic and lots of designs to choose from! (Custom Order: Stampede XXX - XXX = your car number)
Price: $12.95 EA Badge

Thursday, August 02, 2007

WTF is Nissan thinking??

2007 Nissan Develops Pop-Up Hood to Reduce Pedestrian Injury 2007 Nissan Develops Pop-Up Hood to Reduce Pedestrian Injury NISSAN REVEALS NEW "POP-UP ENGINE HOOD" SAFETY TECHNOLOGY Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has developed an innovative “pop-up engine hood” to help reduce head impact injuries in the event of a pedestrian collision. The new safety feature will debut on the new Skyline coupe, set for release this fall in Japan. The concept of the pop-up hood is based on a very simple principle: to help minimize serious head injury by creating more space to avoid collision with hard objects. In the case of a car-pedestrian collision, the engine hood is designed to pop-up instantly to help create a protective buffer space between the hood and the engine components underneath. Upon impact with a pedestrian and based on the severity of that impact, a sensor incorporated in the bumper activates the pop-up control-unit which in turn will trigger an explosive actuator that raises the hood. The pop-up hood also allows car designers greater freedom in having to balance the aesthetic of a streamlined hood design with the safety benefits of adding more protective space over the engine components. On a global level, Nissan is committed to build safer vehicles equipped with advanced safety technologies. In Japan, the company’s safety vision is to halve the number of traffic fatalities or serious injuries involving Nissan vehicles by 2015 compared with the level in 1995. Nissan Tokyo, Japan Status: not an ad Type: car, ARTICLE, PRESS PHOTOS ONLY, NEWS FACTORY ----------------------------------- My Opinion: Is it just me, or isn't "Safety" supposed to be about NOT hitting the Pedestrian? Or anything else for that matter? Why not work on the engine and braking system so that the driver can avoid hitting someone walking or standing in their path? Give me a sensor that detects stupidity ahead and applies the brakes... I'd buy that!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birthday Toys!!

My birthday is just around the corner and before it gets here I'll (hopefully) be showing Trinity at the Yellow Rose Classic in Fort Worth. So... in preparation I'm adding the following to my engine bay which, up to now, has been negelected... • Shock Tower Covers – Vista Blue Metallic • Radiator Cover Extensions – Molded Black • Fuse Box Cover, Brushed Aluminum • Brake M/C Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Power Steering Pump Reservoir Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Oil Filler Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Oil Dip Stick Handle, Brushed Aluminum • Radiator Cap Cover, Brushed Aluminum • Hood Prop, Stainless Steel I still have CAI (AirRaid), a Plenum cover, and a matching set of fuel rail covers on the list. Oh, and don't forget the new muffler (Donnie?). Audio will be limited to the addition (maybe) of a box and amp. I want it to look good for shows but I don't want to negate the collectibility of my Stampede. Speaking of that... my car won its first trophy last Saturday (7/21/07) at the NTMC Payton-Wright Ford Display. We got 1st Place Participant's Choice!! Wow was I surprised! Pictures from NTMC events can be found here: More Later! -Reba

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I love summer!

To start the summer off well, Mustang Club of America (MCA) used my photos from the OK Centennial National in Mustang, OK show in the June 2007 Mustang Times magazine ( They also featured one of my photos as the cover!! Then I submitted an article and photographs to the editor and they were published in the July 2007 Mustang Times! (Page 32 - centerfold) My first magazine! Trinity's show debut was the North Texas Mustang Club (NTMC) display at Middlekauff Ford in Plano, TX on 07/07/07. It was a good show with plenty of cars showing up and, thankfully, the rain stayed away. Just seeing how everyone set up, what they had prepared on their cars, and hanging out gave me more of an idea of how this whole "show" thing worked. Susan and I had attended the June NTMC Meeting and while there I signed up for four displays (7th, 21st, 28th, and August 18th.) We also learned more about the Cruise Nights and other events like the Yellow Rose Classic. The Cracker Barrel Cruise Nights are held the 2nd Saturday each month (unless another event is on the same day). Yesterday Susan and I attended the NTMC Cracker Barrel Cruise Night in Lewisville, TX for the first time and entered Trinity. I got up at 5:30 AM and started working on the car getting it ready. I was at the car wash for hours detailing the interior, trunk and engine. Then it was off to Michael's to get what I needed to complete my display. (My display from 7/7/07 had to be replaced after the glass broke in Plano as I packed up to leave.) With that done, lunch taken care of, and everything packed it was time to shower, get ready, and complete a final wipe down. We arrived 5-10 minutes early to a packed show field but managed to get a spot close to the front. We discovered later why everyone got there so early and parked on the other side... We were facing west and the sun was HOT! Next month, we're getting there EARLY! All in all we had about 75 cars entered into the 13 Classes. It was one of their largest turn outs. Judging started at 7:30 PM and the judges were the 75 participants... Susan and I had a great time walking around and picking our favorites. My Class ws the 05-07 Mustangs and of the 13 entries I was car 4. Three "Class Awards" and one "First Place" were given in each class. I won an award in the 05-07 Mustang Class! I was really not expecting that!! Thanks everyone! PICTURES!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Update on Susan's Car...

New Clear Corners, clear rear reflectors, painted mirror covers, stealth bulbs (for clear corners), red bulbs (for rear markers), and new tags!!

PRIDE was taken so Liberty was the second choice. Baby said she'll keep trying for Pride but I think it looks good either way!

Baby bought me a trunk mat!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5/7/07 UPDATE

Recent changes: Polished Billet Headlight Bezel...

and GT Rocker Panels - Added 5/7/07.

Here's a better shot of the Mirror covers:

And the recently added Side Mirror Adjustment Bezel:

Here is the dash with all of the billet installed... You can even see the Harmon Kardon Drive+Play display on the Map Light area by the rear view mirror:

Airbrushed Grille Pony:

1968 Mustang Script emblem (front fenders, decklid and dash):

Front view with Showlenses:

And, finally, the updated side profile shot with rockers:

Friday, April 13, 2007

My how time flies!

Quick update...

The last editions to Trinity were Painted Mirror Covers and MGW's Seat Lever covers that match my 12v Power Point in the dash. Both were received and installed on 2/22/2007.

The interior is almost complete - there are only two more pieces of billet that I want to add and one of those is already en route. :) I'll post new pics when its installed.

Susan's Pony debut...

When I last posted we had just had the windows tinted and added her quarter window louvers... Well, her 2007 Pony looks like a whole new car! She saved everything in a box and had it all done at once. AUTOGRAPH SIGN SHOPPE did the work and removed the factory side stripe.

Jeff did a beautiful job of taking her concept and creating exactly what she wanted! She LOVES this car, it makes her happy, and that makes me VERY happy! Here a shot of both cars together...

Well, have a great day and I'll post more soon!

BTW - Be sure to stop by the Stampede Mustang Registry for a bit. StampedeStunner's got a great video of his black Stampede you are sure to enjoy... Plenty of pictures from our members... BlueStampede has modded his Stampede with a Roush flair... If you see a Stampede, or know someone that owns one, send them on over to the registry! Its free!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Updated Pictures....

Washed and detailed... with new clear corners and clear rear reflectors from Stang

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rear Reflectors installed...

As previously reported I had ordered bulbs for the rear reflectors that would allow me to use these and yet still remain street legal here in TX. So on Wednesday, 2/14/07, my shipment of red bulbs (2 pair) and blue bulbs (1 pair for show use) arrived from Street Beat Customs. Once installed it worked perfectly. When off they are clear. When on, especially at night, they emit a red light. Here are pics of them I took today (off) and tonight (on).

The clear corners and rear reflectors (with stealth bulbs sold separately) can be located on at this link:

The bulbs I used in the rear reflectors (5W 194) can be located on at this link:

Early this morning I placed an order for the 2005+ Mustang Painted Mirror Covers (Vista Blue) that I've had my eye on for awhile ( and also the seat lever covers from MGW ( that match my 12v Power Outlet plug. I should have these in by the middle of next week... I'll keep you posted on those items when they arrive.

Tomorrow is the big day for Pride, our 2007 Mustang I've mentioned here before. Tomorrow PRIDE goes to Autograph to have the black rocker stripes removed, then her lemans stripes, side graphics and her MUSTANG emblems will be added. Previously I reported that her louvers and tint were recent additons and there's a shopping list of other add-ons that keeps growing. I will keep you updated on the PRIDE project as it progresses!

And, with that, I say goodnight! It will be a very busy day tomorrow!! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clear Corners installed...and more!

Also have the billet emergency brake piece installed. It really looks good with the rest of the dash.

I have some bulbs on order for the clear reflectors I purchased. The bulbs will give the red glow needed to meet TX State requirements. Right now if I put them on all that I have is pure white light on the sides. I may not get pulled over for it but I'd rather not risk it.

I had wanted to tint the headlights and clear corners blue and even attempted it without much success. Then I talked with Glacier, the shop that tinted my windows, who advised that it would only come off later, and of course would get me a ticket... so I opted for the clear/chrome look instead. I'll just have to get the blue-white lights instead. :)

We've started working on Pride, my honey's Mustang. The antenna was changed out to a 6 inch black shorty antenna, we've bought the side graphics, planned the stripes, bought the emblems, tinted the windows (2/12/07), and installed her louvers. She also has the billet 12v power outlet Pony from MGW like I do. We'll keep you up to date on that project. For now, here is a pic taken yesterday:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New sequential tail lights installed

Received and installed the sequential tail light harnesses today!!! Here's a video of how smooth they work!! I also received the clear corners and the rear reflectors (clear). Installing the clear corners looks difficult. The rear reflectors were easy but I noted that I only orded 2 sets of lights and it ends up that they will both be used by the clear corners set... Looks like I need to buy more bulbs. In testing it appears that only white light is showing from the markers... According to the Texas DL book these must be Red. Bummer. E-Brake billet item should be here tomorrow. Yeah! Time for bed! Reba

Friday, February 02, 2007

How to spend $500 in a blink of an eye...

All you need is a Mustang... :) Bought today with IRS Refund (yes, we already have it in the bank!):
  1. Clear Rear Side Marker Lenses for all 05-07 (sold in pairs) -
  2. Clear Turn Signal Lens for 05-07 (sold in pairs)-
  3. Concealment (194) Bulbs (sold in pairs)-
  4. Concealment (3157) Turn Signal Bulbs for all 90-07 (sold in pairs) -
  5. Sequential Tail-lights (plug in harnesses) -
  6. 2 pairs of showlenses (blue) -
  7. MGW Ltd. E-Brake handle (satin billet) -

And I still had $4.22 left over. (LOL!)

Oh, and we are also paying off multiple credit cards, a loan, $500 to the parents (just because) and $500 to BabyGirl for her Mustang. I love tax time!!

More later!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am so over winter...

For all my efforts on Saturday I ended up not feeling well Sunday, cancelled our trip to the Movie Studio Grill (just opened here) and stayed home hoping to stave it off. No such luck as Monday morning it only got worse and I called in to work and slept all day. Now this morning I am leaving for work and it is SLEETING! Yesterday the sun was out and it was chilly (40-50 degrees) but beautiful. All of a sudden we're back to this crap. Sometimes I really do not like Texas weather. Tuesday I ordered the louvers for PRIDE, our Performance White 2007 Mustang Coupe. There's this box in on Susan's desk with all her stuff that she's bought for the car that she hasn't been able to put on since we've been having this cold weather... She's excited about the louvers... Me too! I love the way they looked on the simulator. The thing I love most of all is now Susan's fully sharing my Mustang addiction and, along with our photography and other interests, its really awesome to share all the things you love in life with The One, ya know? Now, if I could only get her to love Converse All-Stars like I do... LOL! I've been hanging out on lately. Think MySpace but where everyone is a Mustang fan/enthusiast/owner. Its really cool. You should check it out! Well, got to run for now!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yesterday I washed, then applied two coats of Mequiars wax to Trinity then finished with Mequiars Detailing Spray to get any excess wax and add extra gloss. I still need to get some Zainos or Mequiars clay bars and pull the gunk out of the paint but it is a start.

I also vacuumed out the carpet (1st time ever - very clean car so far) and used Mequiars Interior Mist and Wipe cleaner and Leather cleaner as well. I opted not to put the Mequiars Tire Gel on this week due to the way it flies off it applied to heavily and besides it is still working from last week.

Well the tax refund has been filed and we are waiting patiently for those checks. We are both looking at paying off bills but also maybe 1-2 small things for the cars. I just can't decide what to do at this point... Muffler change (sound mod only at this point), Cold Air, side skirts, or more interior items... billet or ??


Monday, January 22, 2007


The ice has melted and the cold wet weather has left even if it is only temporary. Today and yesterday we finally saw the sun again for the first time in a week which here in Texas is unusual even for winter. So... I took the opportunity to wash both Mustangs and detail Trinity. They put a lot of junk on the roads to keep everyone from sliding around and that crap ends up all over the cars, especially the white one.

Anyway, this is the first time I've had the chance to clean the car up and photograph it since adding the louvers and all the billet pieces... Thought I'd add some more pictures!

Christmas brought a nice $$$ gift from Babygirl and I spent it on eBay (of course). The first purchase was the louvers, jacket covers for our alarm fobs, MUSTANG letters for the door sills on both Mustangs, MUSTANG overlay for the rear tail-light on both Mustangs and then the rest was spent on BILLET for Trinity...

Interior items recently added:
  1. Polished billet switch plates
  2. Polished billet A/C Switches
  3. Polished billet 12v power outlet plug with satin front and 3D pony
  4. Satin billet shift boot trim
  5. Polished billet cup holder bezel
  6. Satin billet coat hook replacements

Here is a look at the louvers from inside the car... notice that they are actually open.

And finally... here is a shot of the sill plate with the MUSTANG letters installed and the rear of the car (iced over) with the MUSTANG overlay on the third light.

I don't know when I'll be adding more since we have some work to do on Pride now and my birthday is a ways off. :) But I'm sure something will come up. :)