Sunday, November 25, 2012


I only did a hand full of shows this year and all were early in the Spring. My father-in-law became ill and my attention rightfully shifted towards my family. During this time my dog of nearly 16 years, Nicholas, passed away. My father-in-law, like Nicholas, fought a hard and relentless battle that, perhaps, ended our time with them before we wanted it to but also put an end to their pain and discomfort. My father-in-law passed early on 11/13/12. I still haven't accepted that he's gone. I keep hearing his cough, his voice or something familiar from another part of the house only to find it is my brother-in-law. So... That is why my great excitement for the 2012 season simply stopped in its tracks. Maybe Trinity will make one more year of it.

Here are some updated pictures taken in a short trip to Mabank Texas at the beginning of November.

Updated photo

Taken at a show at College Station this spring: 

New change is the chrome "c stripe". Goes well with the chrome handle, chrome ponies, chrome mirrors (with blue skull caps) and more.  Won best interior at the show. Folks liked the iPad, the Shelby Kicker upgraded sound and the wifi. :)