Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"STAMPEDE 351" Badges...

While at the Yellow Rose Classic back in August I ran into a guy from a company called "On in 60 Seconds" who made some "STAMPEDE 351" badges for my car. All Stampedes have the interior badges but nothing on the exterior of the car to identify it as "Stampede XXX" in the 500 released.

I removed the "351" plates I had on the left front bumper and left rear trunk lid deck and put these in their place. They look sharp and quickly identify the car as a Stampede. On in 60 Seconds is interested in making these badges for all of the Stampedes as well as the CE's.

Here are the pictures of mine:

On in 60 Seconds:

Quick Change Console Plates #16201
High impact plastic and lots of designs to choose from! (Custom Order: Stampede XXX - XXX = your car number)
Price: $12.95 EA Badge