Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The really cool part of the show season ending is the getting ready for next year.  Trying to figure out what you want to do next.  We all know that modifying these cars, performance wise or cosmetically, is never done.  We always have a Wishlist and ideas of really cool things we can do to our cars.  Funny thing is watching how competitive we get.  How we want to be the first one in our group or club to have thought of something or to have purchased/installed something.  :)  I am definitely guilty of that one.  I get so excited about what I'm doing that I want everyone else to be just as excited.  I guess that is why I have this blog.  So I can gush my excitement and Mustang devotion to the black hole of the Internet in hope that someone out there will read it and share my obsession.

Having to sit out the 2009 season was very hard... not being able to clean or detail my car made it even worse.  I was able to actually hand wash it recently for the first time since June and was so ecstatic.  I still have to determine if I can handle the detail work...  Detailing these cars for shows can take all day if done right.  If it is a really big show like Yellow Rose preparation starts the day after the show ends... Seriously.

Susan and I will be going on the Palestine Road Trip and to the Palestine car show.  This will be my, and the Mustang's, first outing since May 2009.  I've been working to transform her into something 'different' than everyone remembers from May.  I've been transformed during this time and I want the car to reflect that.

I recently posted that I removed the honeycomb panel from the back of the Mustang.  This was NOT EASY but was very rewarding when it finally came off.  It was one of the first things I added three years ago.  I also removed the black tail light trim and the black honeycomb vinyl overlay film from the tail lights.  All that black just didn't look right with the chrome, brushed aluminum and blue.

Of course, you know I wouldn't make a move like that without having a plan as to what I wanted to replace it with.  Yesterday my order from came in... a kit consisting of the tail light trim, third light trim and side marker trim - all chrome - made by Stack Racing.
  • Mustang Taillight Trim - Chrome (Stack Racing)
  • Mustang Third Brake Light Trim - Chrome (Stack Racing)
  • Mustang Quarter Light Trim - Chrome (Stack Racing)
More pictures to follow once I actually get the opportunity to take some good ones.   I also received the majority of my order from  :)
There is one item on back order and another being drop shipped directly from UPR Products but the rest arrived yesterday and promptly installed yesterday afternoon.

The following pictures show these items installed...
  • Upper Center Button Highlights - Chrome (Action Artistry)
  • Shoulder Belt Mount Accent - Brushed Aluminum (Scott Drake)
  • Wiper Accents - Chrome (Action Artistry
  • Windshield Washer Nozzle Covers - Brushed Aluminum (Scott Drake)
I love how the Windshield Washer Nozzle Covers blend into the stripes!!  Exactly what I was wanting! To get rid of those black nozzles sticking out of the silver stripes!!

Profile shot... now the headlights blend in with the clear corners, clear side markers, wheels, side stripe, etc.... it just flows...

The items I am waiting for are:
  • Billet Lock Switch Covers - Polished (UPR)
  • Side Air Vent Covers - Chrome (Action Artistry)
I have other items on the "to be added list"... Stay tuned!

- Reba

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    No more honeycomb...

    Decided that the front of the car no longer matched up with the rear honeycomb.  The billet grilles, chrome bucket headlights, clear corners and clear side lights just didn't work with the honeycomb panel, black tail light trim and honey comb overlay.  So... I remove them today.  What do you think?