Friday, February 02, 2007

How to spend $500 in a blink of an eye...

All you need is a Mustang... :) Bought today with IRS Refund (yes, we already have it in the bank!):
  1. Clear Rear Side Marker Lenses for all 05-07 (sold in pairs) -
  2. Clear Turn Signal Lens for 05-07 (sold in pairs)-
  3. Concealment (194) Bulbs (sold in pairs)-
  4. Concealment (3157) Turn Signal Bulbs for all 90-07 (sold in pairs) -
  5. Sequential Tail-lights (plug in harnesses) -
  6. 2 pairs of showlenses (blue) -
  7. MGW Ltd. E-Brake handle (satin billet) -

And I still had $4.22 left over. (LOL!)

Oh, and we are also paying off multiple credit cards, a loan, $500 to the parents (just because) and $500 to BabyGirl for her Mustang. I love tax time!!

More later!

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