Sunday, January 14, 2007

Final Touches

Since I bought this car in June I've added:
  1. Custom designed/cut STAMPEDE rocker stripes & windshield banner
  2. Custom airbrushed pony to stock grill (original chrome pony removed)
  3. Honeycomb blackout panel
  4. 1968 Mustang Script emblems - right dash, sides (above tri-bar ponies) and right rear decklid
  5. 1979 Indy Pacecar Ponies - Blue (Removed in December)
  6. "351" Plates from 1969 Mustang - Left Rear and Left Front (Used for #351 Stampede)
  7. MUSTANG 3rd brake light overlay decal
  8. Brushed billet door pins
  9. Blue Showlenses (

The external changes are almost complete... I have just a few minor items left on that wishlist: (The first four are from StangMods...

  1. Clear Rear Side Marker Lenses for all 05-07 (sold in pairs) $39.95
  2. Clear Turn Signal Lens for 05-07 (sold in pairs) $99.95
  3. Concealment (194) Bulbs (sold in pairs) $29.95
  4. Concealment (3157) Turn Signal Bulbs for all 90-07 (sold in pairs) $29.95
  5. Sequential Tail-lights (plug in harnesses)
  6. Side skirts
  7. Headlight splitters
  8. Chin Spoiler
  9. Rear valance... more aggressive.

I also want to apply a blue tint to the headlights and clear corners. (not too much that it would affect the light color) similar to the yellow tint used on "The Mistress" by MRT. Finding the right tint and someone to do it will be a different matter.

Interior items recently added:
  1. Polished billet switch plates (came in today)
  2. Polished billet A/C Switches
  3. Polished billet 12v power outlet plug with satin front and 3D pony
  4. MUSTANG letter inserts for sill plates

Ordered but not received yet:

  1. Satin billet shift boot trim
  2. Polished billet cup holder bezel
  3. Satin billet coat hook replacements
I guess when I have all this done and can't think of anything else to add that won't be over doing it (aka Pimping It Out) then it will be time to look at the Flowmaster, Cold Air Intake, and other under-the-hood changes... I Really Love This Car! :)