Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the lapse in posting...  :)

The season is well underway and the temps are already in the 100's.  You really have to love this hobby to do car shows in that kind of heat.  Really.  (Right Justin?)  :)

Last off-season I went more of the "Go" route than the "Show" route by converting to Pypes True Duals with X Pipe, adding Pypes headers and a SCT Tuner with Bama Tunes.  I'm now running the 93 Octane Race tune and although it is more expensive when I fill up I must say I truly enjoy the difference in performance.  I still have a few "wish list" items to add in the Go department but remember, I have already replaced the coil with a Screamin' Demon racing coil, added Live Wires and the Air Raid CAI.  I would like to add a BBK Throttle body, larger MAF and maybe replace the CAI with something else... a BBK unit maybe?

On the "Show" side,  I decided to add my iPad to my Mustang's stereo setup... granted, it had to be removable as well as look like it belonged there...   After a lot of searching and pondering, I settled on PadHoldr and the vehicle specific kit for the 05-09 Mustang.  Of course, I purchased chrome. :)

I still have a few things left on my To Do list but I'm kinda running low on steam lately.   I don't know.

More later.