Friday, February 02, 2007

How to spend $500 in a blink of an eye...

All you need is a Mustang... :) Bought today with IRS Refund (yes, we already have it in the bank!):
  1. Clear Rear Side Marker Lenses for all 05-07 (sold in pairs) -
  2. Clear Turn Signal Lens for 05-07 (sold in pairs)-
  3. Concealment (194) Bulbs (sold in pairs)-
  4. Concealment (3157) Turn Signal Bulbs for all 90-07 (sold in pairs) -
  5. Sequential Tail-lights (plug in harnesses) -
  6. 2 pairs of showlenses (blue) -
  7. MGW Ltd. E-Brake handle (satin billet) -

And I still had $4.22 left over. (LOL!)

Oh, and we are also paying off multiple credit cards, a loan, $500 to the parents (just because) and $500 to BabyGirl for her Mustang. I love tax time!!

More later!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am so over winter...

For all my efforts on Saturday I ended up not feeling well Sunday, cancelled our trip to the Movie Studio Grill (just opened here) and stayed home hoping to stave it off. No such luck as Monday morning it only got worse and I called in to work and slept all day. Now this morning I am leaving for work and it is SLEETING! Yesterday the sun was out and it was chilly (40-50 degrees) but beautiful. All of a sudden we're back to this crap. Sometimes I really do not like Texas weather. Tuesday I ordered the louvers for PRIDE, our Performance White 2007 Mustang Coupe. There's this box in on Susan's desk with all her stuff that she's bought for the car that she hasn't been able to put on since we've been having this cold weather... She's excited about the louvers... Me too! I love the way they looked on the simulator. The thing I love most of all is now Susan's fully sharing my Mustang addiction and, along with our photography and other interests, its really awesome to share all the things you love in life with The One, ya know? Now, if I could only get her to love Converse All-Stars like I do... LOL! I've been hanging out on lately. Think MySpace but where everyone is a Mustang fan/enthusiast/owner. Its really cool. You should check it out! Well, got to run for now!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yesterday I washed, then applied two coats of Mequiars wax to Trinity then finished with Mequiars Detailing Spray to get any excess wax and add extra gloss. I still need to get some Zainos or Mequiars clay bars and pull the gunk out of the paint but it is a start.

I also vacuumed out the carpet (1st time ever - very clean car so far) and used Mequiars Interior Mist and Wipe cleaner and Leather cleaner as well. I opted not to put the Mequiars Tire Gel on this week due to the way it flies off it applied to heavily and besides it is still working from last week.

Well the tax refund has been filed and we are waiting patiently for those checks. We are both looking at paying off bills but also maybe 1-2 small things for the cars. I just can't decide what to do at this point... Muffler change (sound mod only at this point), Cold Air, side skirts, or more interior items... billet or ??