Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow... I just took an inventory of the Mod List and put together a list of everything added since my last show. Impressive. I know that I want the car to reflect the transformation that I feel I've made in my life both physically and spiritually and I think I've accomplished that. Here is the list. I still have some to add to it hopefully before the next show. :)

• Chrome Upper Center Button Highlights - Action Artistry
• Chrome Wiper Accents - Action Artistry
• Chrome Side Air Vent Covers - Action Artistry
• Chrome Steering Wheel Accents - Action Artistry
• Chrome Steering Wheel Badge - Action Artistry
• Chrome Radio Button Highlights - Action Artistry
• Chrome Radio Knob Cover - Action Artistry
• Satin Billet Shoulder Belt Mount Accent - Scott Drake
• Satin Billet Windshield Washer Nozzle Covers - Scott Drake)
• Satin Billet Stock Door Lock Pins
• Polished Billet Headlight Knob - Action Artistry
• Polished Billet Lock Switch Covers - UPR
• Blue LED Trunk light (StreetGlow LED Pod)
• LEDGLOW Blue LED Lighting - Interior & Trunk
• Center Console 6-PC Dash Completion Kit - Silver

• Chrome Mustang Taillight Trim- Stack Racing
• Chrome Mustang Third Brake Light Trim - Stack Racing
• Chrome Mustang Quarter Light Trim - Stack Racing
• Chrome Mustang Headlights with CCFL Halo (05-09)
• Chrome Pony Package Upper Billet Grille
• Chrome Billet lower Grille - V6
• OPTX by StreetGlow - Blue LED Lighting - Underbody
• SilverStar Headlights (H13) & Foglights (H11)

• LEDGLOW 7 Color LED Engine Lighting Kit

• Shelby Kicker Premium Sound

We've had some record snowfall here lately (9-12 inches) in North Texas and we are expecting some more tonight and tomorrow. I won't be able to get some new pictures for you until the weather turns more Texas Like... which is in the high 50-60's. :) Thanks for stopping by!

- Reba