Saturday, March 20, 2010

Palestine cancelled... Yet...

Thanks to the wonderful change in weather the North Texas Mustang Club leaders decided to cancel the road trip to Palestine.  I was SO DISAPPOINTED having worked for months to prepare the car for its grand debut back into showing. :) So, not willing to go down without a fight, I suggested to Susan that after dinner we head out to the Friday night show on Little Road.  Didn't know at the time that our friend and fellow NTMC Members Tara and Justin were going out there to hand out flyers anyway.

Well, our dinner for two at Pluckers became three and Tara invited Justin who invited Troy & Sarah as well as Annie & Vinny.  Party time!  After dinner we headed over to the show.  It was a light crowd but I think it satisfied that "need to show" feeling for a little while.  It also let me see that the time and money spent back in December for the LED's was well invested.  We had a steady flow of folks over to check out the Stampede and the light show.  I had the underbody lights and engine lights on sound and the interior and trunk on steady.  Bass notes would kick the underbody on hard and the treble and mid tones had seven colors beating from under the hood.  I had anticipated the lights drawing the younger crowd and the little kids but was surprised to see the adults that came over too.  I was so stoked when we headed out for the night. :)

All in all, a good evening!  I'm looking forward to the next one!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Recent Changes

Here are some pictures of the recent changes. I've removed the door lock pins and replaced them with flush mount billet LED's (blue of course) from RadLites LED Lighting that are tied to the factory alarm system. When the key is removed and the factory system displays the Armed status in the cluster the lights in the doors also flash. The key, when inserted and moved to the on position, disables the factory alarm and thus the lights. These guys are BRIGHT at night.

These pictures also show the Kicker Subwoofer in the trunk and the kicker subs in the doors both of which now have the blue piping to set them off.

I've also added the blue piping to the top of the dash and returned it to the sides of the center stack (may not keep it there though). You can also see the new AC knobs, the shifter surround, the shifter handle covers, and etc.

Its all coming together! Scary part is I have a whole laundry list of things I still want to do. Of course very little of it has to do with the interior. :)

- Reba

Monday, March 15, 2010

Putting on the final touches...

It is almost here... the beginning to the show season - Palestine! The road trip to Palestine, the Dogwood Festival and the car show. There's nothing like 50+ Mustangs cruising down the highway!

We have a couple shows before Palestine but, to me, Palestine is the beginning of the season. This is what I have been working towards and waiting for. When the doctor gave me good news on Thursday, 3/11/10, it was Palestine that I was excited about. I finally get to show my car again!

I've got one item on the way but it may not get here in time. I've got a few more that I'd 'like to have but will have to wait on. I think at this point with the IRS money and Susan's generosity I've dropped a serious amount of cash into the car since December. More than I really want to add up to be honest. I'm already paranoid that someone is going to run into it.

I just added 6 more items. Two of these replaced items I already had. The others were new to the car:

* Action Artistry Auto Shift Bezel - Chrome Smooth
* Artistry Seat Strap Covers - Chrome
* Artistry Seat Release Levers - Chrome
* Artistry AC Knob Covers - Smooth Chrome
* Artistry Mustang A/C Trim Pieces - Smooth Chrome
* Chrome Billet Auto Trans. Handle Shrouds

The fun part was finding my original A/C knobs. Did you know those sell for $36 EACH from Ford? WTH? Anyway, luckily I didn't have to replace them.

She is looking VERY GOOD! New photos will be available soon!

- Reba