Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tomorrow is March 30th, 2014... the 8th Anniversary (or Birthday) of my Stampede.  March 30, 2006 she rolled off the line as a completed Stampede Edition Mustang.

I've had to do the responsible thing and put my 'hobby' and associated activities on hold due to the decrease in our funds.  I love my car, I love showing it, and I love taking care of it but is does get expensive.  Modifications, cleaning, maintaining, car shows, travel to shows, food at/after shows, hanging out with folks at/after shows, road trips, club dues, entry fees... It adds up.

I do miss it, a lot.  I miss hanging out with our friends at the shows or at dinner afterwards.  I miss the whole thing but I'm not sorry that I've backed away.  My responsibility is to Susan and to our financial future.  I'm not making the money I was before; I can't spend money like I did before.  Its basic math and truthfully the logical response.

I'm working from home now and I have to admit I do love it. I'm with my dogs all day, I don't have the stress and political BS of a corporate office and the constant pressure of someone stepping on your neck as they reach for the ladder rung above you.  The money isn't there yet but I just started.

Funniest thing about all this... being laid off and barely working since July 2012... is that my credit score is increasing.  Highest it has ever been.  Susan gets all the kudos for that.  She makes sure everyone is paid, before it is due and more than is due.  Accounts are being paid off as quickly as possible.  Maybe someday, if all the planets align themselves correctly again, I'll be back where I was before financially and we will be in a better position to actually feel this crisis is over.  Until then, I keep the car in shape, I clean it, and I try to drive it occasionally.  I finally gave up and replaced the Optima battery because the car would be dead if I didn't drive it regularly.  If it sat for one or two days it would not start.

So... I guess that is the only 'modification' I can say I've done to the car lately... I replaced the Optima yellow top battery.

I know that this is a boring post compared to past posts.  Good news is that we are still under 50K miles! So there are some bright sides to this.

Take care everyone!