Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some early pics of Jeff's work - New Face Lift for the Stampede

No more rocker panel stripes.... :)

New windshield banner - Different style than previous one...

Rear Window Design... Multiple types of material were used.  From the inside I can actually see through the pony tri-bar emblem.

The windshield banner after he finished it... That's Jeff working on the rear window....

Removed the Stampede 351 badges from the front and rear of the car and replaced with these "351" decals.  

Combo shot of front bumper number, windshield banner and un-striped sides.
Combo shot of rear window and rear number...

So, what do you think?MORE PICTURES SOON!  Have to wash and detail first!- Reba 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Working on Trinity

I'm over at Autograph Sign Shoppe working with Jeff Holland on some of
the ideas and pictures I've sent over. As always the real magic
doesn't begin until you are here with Jeff and his creative juices
start flowing. Already some of my great ideas, and I say that with a
tinge of sarcasm, have become awesome. Of course, knowing Jeff
anything can happen between the time he works with the art on the
computer to when he applies the graphic to the car. Awesome can easily
become brilliant!

Stay tuned.

I want THIS!!!

I've seen it in person and it looks BADD ASS.  I've been researching it and watching the vids on YouTube... and I know that when I keep coming back to something that it means it is on my Hot List...  So, I think this is the next big mod to the Mustang.  If not, I may wear out my stock shifter!!  (Thanks to Sarah for getting me into more "race style" driving!).



New TCI® automatic transmission shifter fits in stock console and hooks up to the OE 5R55S transmission without modification.

The ‘05–’09 Ford Mustang GT is the hottest late model performance vehicle on the market, however the stock shifter has some drawbacks when it comes to serious street/strip performance. The new TCI® StreetFighter® ’05-’09 Ford Mustang Ratchet Shifter provides a positive stop shifting action that allows you to manually “speed shift” the transmission without fear of hanging between gears or missing a gear all together. Best of all, this new shifter also has an equally impressive billet, race-inspired appearance that makes it at home on the track or cruising in town.

The TCI® StreetFighter® Ratchet Shifter is a perfect fit in the ’05-‘09 Ford Mustang console and requires no modifications to your interior or the factory Ford 5R55S transmission. This shifter also utilizes the factory shift cable to further simplify the installation and comes complete with a lighted gear indicator for perfect gear selection.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New lock pockets from Silverhorse Racing.

These are the triple chromed lock Pockets from Silver Horse Racing.  I went ahead and got these even though the 'redesigned' version isn't out yet.  I'm hoping that they work well enough that I will not need to return them and get the newer design...

I took the Mustang up to Audio Tint Depot where we removed the existing Ford Plastic lock pockets and found the quick disconnects that Tyler built into the LED lights.  We were then able to remove the RadLites from the plastic pockets and thread them into the chrome ones.  With that done we reinstalled them and seated them into the doors.  These, as Silver Horse Racing stated, do not fit 100% true to OEM so I used a bit of the plastic trim adhesive to see if I could stabilize them.  Since there are no moving parts (door pins) in this install there's no fear of the repetitive movement knocking them free.

The completed project turned out just as wonderfully as I hoped.  The RadLites LED's look like they were made for these lock pockets.  They sit totally flush and blend beautifully with the pockets. When they are off you barely notice them.  At night the chrome amplifies the LED light even though these are bright enough on their own really.  

I'll post some pictures soon of the entire door with these installed.  Looks sharp. 

- Reba

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

The kids got together and cashed in some of their empty dog and cat food cans to buy me a Mother's Day gift.  I think Momma Susan helped though because she had to go pick it up....

I now have my very own, and very blue, 2 Ton Jack, jackstands, chocks, and creeper.  I know...  It was just what I'd been wanting and will come in handy this summer as I get ready for Yellow Rose.

I was VERY EXCITED about being able to take the wheels off of the car to clean them (no more busted up hands) and with them off I can clean the wheel wells too.  Again, hard to do with the wheels in place.  I haven't had the chance to use them yet but I can't wait!

Thank you Momma Susan, Nicholas, Snoopy, Lil'Bit, Lilo, Haley Alexis, Casey, and Austin.  Oh, and I understand that Clyde, Jada, Jazz and Jerry helped too!

I love you!