Monday, September 19, 2011

MGP Caliper Covers

Ever painted your calipers? Then repainted them only to repaint them AGAIN later? Yeah, me too. Well, actually my friends painted them but you get my point.

I absolutely LOVE the look of body matched calipers and, unless your car is red or black, it isn't easy to come by. If you want it to look Good? Well, that's when you do your research, a little planning and invest in some MGP Caliper Covers.

The possibilities of customization are mind blowing or, if you want the popular red, black or silver, you can pick those up at a distributer like I being the girl that I am had to go the more creative (aka expensive) route but do not regret it.

We required spacers which MGP was happy to supply. Once we had those the install was easy and quick. We finished up in about an hour total (had to take photos too) which isn't bad considering our extreme heat in Texas this August and that we are not 20 anymore. :).

All in all, I LOVE my MGP Caliper Covers and highly recommend them. Oh, and before the install I had my Ford Service department at Bankston Arlington remove the Hawk Ceramic Pads, resurface the rotors and install OEM pads. No squeak, no sound, and with the covers in place,them out at

Pics below!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Found another Stampede

This one came in the dealership as a trade in and one of the employees snatched it up. Smart girl. I finally caught up with her and got some pics. I've seen a black one in person now, a Vista Blue Metallic like mine, two Red fire Metallics but no Tungsten. I've seen pics just not in person. This one is #411 and she just needs a little TLC. She's fully stock. Hopefully the owner realizes that it is a keeper.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Slow Summer

I haven't been feeling myself this summer and just don't have the "get up and go" I need to do all the shows I normally do.  I have only done the Palestine trip in April then one SVT Cruise, and three of the NTMC Cruise Nights.  I took a Class Award at SVT in the Open Class and First Place ("Class Winner") in the V6 Class at the NTMC events.  Palestine is a given.... I've yet to see one of the NTMC cars win there.  So, out of the five shows I've done this year I've come away with four awards... three of those being First.  Not bad.  Just wish I was more involved this year.  Maybe next year.

Until then...  The caliper covers came in and are GORGEOUS.  Just what I wanted.  I also put in chrome door strikers, a chrome hood latch and a chrome hood prop (for those windy days when hood lifts don't cut it).  (Will have to add pics later)

I have more on the horizon, of course.... stay tuned.  :)


Monday, July 11, 2011

Quality, not quantity

Usually by mid-July I have already participated in a lot of shows, suffered from heat exhaustion every weekend, and spend more time with my car than with Susan or my family. I promised myself that this year would be different. Including the NTMC Cruise last Saturday, I've gone to five shows this year - Palestine, three NTMC Cruises and a SVT Cruise - and with the exception of Palestine (where no one from NTMC wins) I've taken awards every time. SVT was a Class Award, the other three are First Place/Class Winner. Better than that though, I've spent some wonderful quality time with Susan. We will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this year. She's more important to me than this hobby. So, you haven't seen me posting much and the above is why. There are additional changes on the way. I just placed an order for some MGP Caliper Covers in Vista Blue. They will have my custom touch added of course so I'll add pictures when they come in. I was going to order a shifter from but they don't seem to respond to emails or voicemails. Not sure I want to throw money that way if I can't feel confident in who I'm working with. I have some other ideas though to do instead. Until then! Reba

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the lapse in posting...  :)

The season is well underway and the temps are already in the 100's.  You really have to love this hobby to do car shows in that kind of heat.  Really.  (Right Justin?)  :)

Last off-season I went more of the "Go" route than the "Show" route by converting to Pypes True Duals with X Pipe, adding Pypes headers and a SCT Tuner with Bama Tunes.  I'm now running the 93 Octane Race tune and although it is more expensive when I fill up I must say I truly enjoy the difference in performance.  I still have a few "wish list" items to add in the Go department but remember, I have already replaced the coil with a Screamin' Demon racing coil, added Live Wires and the Air Raid CAI.  I would like to add a BBK Throttle body, larger MAF and maybe replace the CAI with something else... a BBK unit maybe?

On the "Show" side,  I decided to add my iPad to my Mustang's stereo setup... granted, it had to be removable as well as look like it belonged there...   After a lot of searching and pondering, I settled on PadHoldr and the vehicle specific kit for the 05-09 Mustang.  Of course, I purchased chrome. :)

I still have a few things left on my To Do list but I'm kinda running low on steam lately.   I don't know.

More later.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hanging out

It's a good day to hang out with the clubbies at Palestine!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lots of changes... :)

I need to post soon... I've made a few changes to the car and taken in it a different direction than I have previously.  This year is going to be a blast!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I had a problem with the mufflers on the Pypes True Duals conversion kit. The kit includes Pypes StreetPro mufflers and I love the sound but the tip on the left muffler was welded on wrong. Instead of being properly lined up it was rotated to the left and the S of the Pypes logo was the only part of the logo that was centered. Problem was I was outside my 30 day window with American Muscle... I snapped some photos and sent off an email to Pypes and another to American Muscle. Pypes was very easy to work with and they are shipping out a new muffler! Yeah! I have some ideas for the new season and it's banging around in my head so loudly that it's drowning out just about everything else. No hints yet other that it should turn heads. :) Time for bed. G'night Reba

Friday, January 21, 2011

Here we go again....

Here it is... the off season. Football playoffs. Superbowl. Getting excited about Palestine in March which, all things considered, is like the show season kickoff for NTMC... and another visit to Arlington Orthopedics.  Yeah me. 

So, next week I have appointments for a MRI, a ENG and a "Let's discuss the results".  The issues I'm experiencing are no where near what was going on before but we have a 50/50 chance of it not being news I want to hear.  Either way, it is not in my hands so I'm not stressing over it.  I only bring it up because this always happens at the beginning of show season... or the early part of it anyway. :) 

We start 2011's season with only minor changes cosmetically and a couple changes that were more performance based.  I've finished out the center stack and dash, added a StreetFighter shifter (told you I it was on the Hot List), added an Optima battery, a custom tray for said battery, and converted the car to true duals with an x-pipe.   When you walk up to the car and look at it you don't really notice that I've made many changes.  I do have a couple exterior ideas that keep lingering in my head as well as more performance items and changes to the interor leather...  and it is Tax-Refund-Time... :)  (Just kidding honey!)

I do have a couple of things I may add before the season starts... Just need to work it out mentally first.  When I do, this blog will see it first!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pypes X Pipe True Dual Exhaust w/Pypes ProStreet Mufflers

Here is a sound clip/video of the new exhaust. :)