Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yesterday I washed, then applied two coats of Mequiars wax to Trinity then finished with Mequiars Detailing Spray to get any excess wax and add extra gloss. I still need to get some Zainos or Mequiars clay bars and pull the gunk out of the paint but it is a start.

I also vacuumed out the carpet (1st time ever - very clean car so far) and used Mequiars Interior Mist and Wipe cleaner and Leather cleaner as well. I opted not to put the Mequiars Tire Gel on this week due to the way it flies off it applied to heavily and besides it is still working from last week.

Well the tax refund has been filed and we are waiting patiently for those checks. We are both looking at paying off bills but also maybe 1-2 small things for the cars. I just can't decide what to do at this point... Muffler change (sound mod only at this point), Cold Air, side skirts, or more interior items... billet or ??


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  1. hi, ran across your stampede website. had been wondering about this model. i quess it might be alot like the pony pkg. i have a 07 black v6 pony pkg, interior decor charcoal leather. i have had it for a week. and i love it. your looks great. if you have not, check out

    i,m new there but trying to get more involved i also own a 68 coupe 289 3-spd
    have fun...i will visit the site when i can...sunlitgoldpony