Friday, February 06, 2009

Installed!! Check out the pictures!!

Here is the install of new coil and spark plug wires... Yup, did it myself! Well, Susan was my assistant and photographer! Next... replacing the spark plugs and opening them up to 0.065". The looms are cool! I had to go buy the tools needed to install them but, hey, who doesn't need more tools? Anyway, they came the day after I installed the wires so the first set of pictures show them held with zip ties and the bottom ones show the billet looms. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Been Shopping...

My Mom and Dad taught me that the best way to make a decision on something was to sleep on it... well, I've been looking at the Screamin' Demon Coil and Livewires for a long time (in blue) of course and kept putting them off. I finally gave up and bought them. I guess if I kept coming back to them then Mom and Dad was right. Now, I realize that whatever performance gains I may get from these will be nominal at best but as this site will attest to, the Stampede has been more about Show than Speed. The coil and the wires should be here today per the tracking number provided by site owner Don Tate. (A nice guy to do business with by the way!) I also picked up the Livewire looms which should be here tomorrow. These are made of billet and should accomodate the nearly 1/2 inch size of each wire... a feat the stock looms could not handle. The weather was nice this weekend so I cleaned the car up and went through my supplies. I had to touch up a couple rock chips and noted my touch up paint bottle has a broken lid... So I found a few things to play with so that the paint wouldn't go to waste. I'd been wanting to do this all along but had been hesitant on messing it up. They turned out ok. (Pictures to follow.) Guess I'll have to pick up some more paint before next show season starts. :) Here are pictures from the V6MustangStuff site of the coil, wires and looms. Be sure to check out that site for the description and prices: Now, this morning I took some pictures of what the engine bay looks like now along with some of my painting handiwork. Donnie should be proud. :) (I wish AirRaid put out a blue throttle body spacer!)
More pics to follow once this is all installed. :)
- Reba