Sunday, December 30, 2007


JUST ORDERED: SRP Racing's Classic Race Pedals - Satin Billet These are the Manual Transmission pedals in Satin Finish. They also come in Machined and other textures as well. These are plain but you can also get them with the GT logo, the Pony, and the Cobra. I didn't get the Pony because on the Auto Transmission version the Pony is facing the Right instead of the Left. I'm finicky that way... SRP Racing ADDED TO THE WISHLIST:
  1. JBA PowerCables - 9mm Blue - Spark Plug Cables
  2. Scott Drake Door Sill Plate Accent Bars - Brushed Aluminium
  3. Scott Drake Dome Light Accents (for Active Alarm), Brushed Aluminium MRT Hood Struts
The above wishlist items are from Dallas Mustang: Dallas Mustang and Laurel Mountain Mustang ( are the ones who helped me get all the Scott Drake Billet cap pieces for under the hood just in time for Yellow Rose. (Thanks Guys! ) Oh, and the rest of the Christmas $$$??... I have a snazzy new Ality Pixxa 8-Inch LCD Photo Frame (with 512MB Memory) for my office that does photos, movies, and music... I have it programmed now to show different photos during the day each work week. It's cool to open my office door every morning and see my baby there. :) Every hour it changes then at 5 PM it displays the clock... Time to go home!! I also picked up some kick-A earphones for my iPod. The earphones are by V-moda and are called Vibe. These little in-ear phones pack some serious bass and awesome sound!!! I had been looking for some replacement phones and didn't want to buy Bose just on the brand's reputation alone. I had done some research on V-Moda and decided to try them out. I was very impressed. I wanted a set of phones that could handle the bass in the Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B that I listen to but also handle the complex mixing of the Trance, D&B, and Electronic. I needed an expansive sound stage with excellent response on the mids and highs as well. Still, comfort was essential. The phones that come with the iPod leave a lot to be desired. Anyway, these ROCK! They are VERY comfortable, I hardly know they are even there. The cord is a bit too long but that's ok. Both the frame and the earphones are from Sharper Image. I have four new CD's on their way. Three of these are ones I've owned, loved, but somehow misplaced. BT's ESCM, Digweed's MMII, and Kosheen's Resist. LOL! You have to love Trance/D&B to appreciate those names/titles. The fourth is TQ's second album, The Second Coming, which was never released in the USA. Susan and I have both been wanting to get that for a long time... His new album is due out in February. If you don't know who TQ is check out his website (NOTE: This is a R&B/Rap/Urban artist.) I also managed to add yet ANOTHER pair of Converse All Stars to my collection. I think this makes 31 now. :) So, all in all, my Christmas gifts to myself have been very nice. Not much for the Mustang... But reviewing my mod list and taking in account that this is a special there really isn't a whole lot more I can do. I'm sure there are more cosmetic things I can do to the engine maybe... even change a few more things on the interior... but if we get too carried away we go from classy to rice and unless it's on a plate I don't do Rice. One last thing, my sweetie bought the most beautiful necklace for me for Christmas. It is the infinity symbol and half of it is in diamonds. I'd seen it in an advertisment before Christmas and remarked on how much I liked it... She remembered. She is the best. :) Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!! Reba