Friday, December 18, 2009

Excited to get 2010 started...

When I first got this car in 2006 I wasn't sure really what I wanted to do with it but I had ideas.  One of which was lighting it up but in such a way that it would be unique and "my own".  After getting other parts of the car ready and finally entering shows in July 2007 I put this idea on hold.  I kept coming back to it and again and again but always putting it on hold...

Well, the planets and stars were finally in the right place I guess.  I found what I wanted at a reasonable price and put it on my Christmas Wishlist.  Santa Susan got it for me and my talented installer, Tyler, made it a perfect show-quality install.  (Honestly folks this is your go-to-guy if you need something done!!)

The interior is a four piece one-color kit, the underbody is a four-piece one-color kit, the engine bay is a four piece seven color kit, and the trunk is actually the wheel well kit minus one... Tyler didn't feel he could hide them well enough in the wheel wells so they were moved to the trunk.  There is one extra that will be used in the grill.   All are sound sensitive. The headlight housings are new CCFL Halo's, all the front bulbs have been replaced with Sylvania SilverStars, and we have added new Billet Grilles top and bottom to finish out the new look on the front end (although we still have to install the lower one this weekend).


*         Blue LED Interior & Trunk Lighting - LEDGLOW
*         Blue LED Underbody Lighting - OPTX by StreetGlow
*         Headlights (H13) & Fog lights (H11) – Sylvania SilverStars
*         Chrome Mustang Headlights (housing) with CCFL Halos (05-09) - Eagle Eyes
*         Chrome Pony Package Upper Billet Grille - Stack Racing
*         Chrome Lower Billet Grille - Stack Racing (Not installed yet)
*         7 Color LED Engine Lighting Kit LEDGLOW

There is some tweaking to be completed on the lighting and we have one more item left to complete from "Santa", not counting the lower billet grille, but it will not be completed until after we have settled up with Uncle Sam for the 2009 Tax Year.   We're also going over the paint and body for any imperfections that need to be addressed and reviewing other items that should be changed to keep in line with the recent changes we've made.

Now, my follow up appointment with the spine surgeon isn't until March but I am confident I will have a good checkup.  I've been very good and extremely careful during my recovery.  I have every intention of showing in 2010 whether that is at NTMC shows, local MCA shows or just shows around town but wherever we - Susan and I - show this car we plan on just enjoying the hobby and having fun with the car.

Here are some new pictures for you: