Thursday, May 20, 2010

Added a little extra touch to the engine...

The 2006 V6 Mustang has a SOHC 4.0L engine capable of 210 HP from the factory.  Today, most engine sizes are given in liters instead of cubic inches however we all want to know what that magical number is.  You see, cubic inches translates to the size of the engine and that, to us gear heads, means power and speed.  Think Boss 351, Boss 302, Boss 429 or the Roush 427.  Those numbers are referring to the cubic inch of the engines.  The larger the number the larger the engine. 

"In the world of drag racing - "there ain't no substitute for cubic inches" - meaning, that the bigger an engine, the more power you can make."

To get technical about it,
"the cubic inch of a motor is usually a reference to the size of the motor. Technically, it is the sum of the volumetric displacement of the pistons as the engine makes one complete rotation."    

So, yeah, we all want to know our magical number.... the CI or Cubic Inch. 
The V6 Mustang that I have has the 4.0L engine which translates to 245ci.  Its not a Boss 302 of course, but its not bad.  What is all this leading to?  I added something to the engine bay yesterday and, without an explanation to those who are not gear heads, you would walk away confused.  :)
Here are the 2006 Mustang specifications - V6 and V8:

sohc V61
sohc V82
Size, liters/cu. in.
Horsepower @ rpm.
210 @ 5250
300 @ 5750
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm.
240 @ 3500
320 @ 4500
EPA City / highway mpg
5-speed manual
5-speed automatic
1. Base models. 2. GT models.
Engine Key: l/cu in. = liters/cubic inches; ohv = overhead valve; ohc = overhead camshaft; dohc = dual overhead camshaft; I = inline cylinders; H = horizonally opposed cylinders; V = cylinders in a V configuration; W = cylinders in a W configuration; rpm = revolutions per minute; CVT = continuously variable (automatic) transmission; NA = not available; "--" = measurement does not exist. 
This is what I added:
These are badges made by  I have one on each side of the engine on the valve covers.  I'm a little worried that they may not stand up to the engine heat but they seemed to do okay this morning.  We'll see how they are after I drive to Irving or Lewisville.  :)
Here are some pictures taken after I put them on.  Let me know what you think!
- Reba

Monday, May 17, 2010

Side Scoops!!

Yeah! Bought these today! Susan is so good to me! 


I can't wait!!

- Reba