Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rear Reflectors installed...

As previously reported I had ordered bulbs for the rear reflectors that would allow me to use these and yet still remain street legal here in TX. So on Wednesday, 2/14/07, my shipment of red bulbs (2 pair) and blue bulbs (1 pair for show use) arrived from Street Beat Customs. Once installed it worked perfectly. When off they are clear. When on, especially at night, they emit a red light. Here are pics of them I took today (off) and tonight (on).

The clear corners and rear reflectors (with stealth bulbs sold separately) can be located on at this link:

The bulbs I used in the rear reflectors (5W 194) can be located on at this link:

Early this morning I placed an order for the 2005+ Mustang Painted Mirror Covers (Vista Blue) that I've had my eye on for awhile ( and also the seat lever covers from MGW ( that match my 12v Power Outlet plug. I should have these in by the middle of next week... I'll keep you posted on those items when they arrive.

Tomorrow is the big day for Pride, our 2007 Mustang I've mentioned here before. Tomorrow PRIDE goes to Autograph to have the black rocker stripes removed, then her lemans stripes, side graphics and her MUSTANG emblems will be added. Previously I reported that her louvers and tint were recent additons and there's a shopping list of other add-ons that keeps growing. I will keep you updated on the PRIDE project as it progresses!

And, with that, I say goodnight! It will be a very busy day tomorrow!! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clear Corners installed...and more!

Also have the billet emergency brake piece installed. It really looks good with the rest of the dash.

I have some bulbs on order for the clear reflectors I purchased. The bulbs will give the red glow needed to meet TX State requirements. Right now if I put them on all that I have is pure white light on the sides. I may not get pulled over for it but I'd rather not risk it.

I had wanted to tint the headlights and clear corners blue and even attempted it without much success. Then I talked with Glacier, the shop that tinted my windows, who advised that it would only come off later, and of course would get me a ticket... so I opted for the clear/chrome look instead. I'll just have to get the blue-white lights instead. :)

We've started working on Pride, my honey's Mustang. The antenna was changed out to a 6 inch black shorty antenna, we've bought the side graphics, planned the stripes, bought the emblems, tinted the windows (2/12/07), and installed her louvers. She also has the billet 12v power outlet Pony from MGW like I do. We'll keep you up to date on that project. For now, here is a pic taken yesterday: