Sunday, July 15, 2007

I love summer!

To start the summer off well, Mustang Club of America (MCA) used my photos from the OK Centennial National in Mustang, OK show in the June 2007 Mustang Times magazine ( They also featured one of my photos as the cover!! Then I submitted an article and photographs to the editor and they were published in the July 2007 Mustang Times! (Page 32 - centerfold) My first magazine! Trinity's show debut was the North Texas Mustang Club (NTMC) display at Middlekauff Ford in Plano, TX on 07/07/07. It was a good show with plenty of cars showing up and, thankfully, the rain stayed away. Just seeing how everyone set up, what they had prepared on their cars, and hanging out gave me more of an idea of how this whole "show" thing worked. Susan and I had attended the June NTMC Meeting and while there I signed up for four displays (7th, 21st, 28th, and August 18th.) We also learned more about the Cruise Nights and other events like the Yellow Rose Classic. The Cracker Barrel Cruise Nights are held the 2nd Saturday each month (unless another event is on the same day). Yesterday Susan and I attended the NTMC Cracker Barrel Cruise Night in Lewisville, TX for the first time and entered Trinity. I got up at 5:30 AM and started working on the car getting it ready. I was at the car wash for hours detailing the interior, trunk and engine. Then it was off to Michael's to get what I needed to complete my display. (My display from 7/7/07 had to be replaced after the glass broke in Plano as I packed up to leave.) With that done, lunch taken care of, and everything packed it was time to shower, get ready, and complete a final wipe down. We arrived 5-10 minutes early to a packed show field but managed to get a spot close to the front. We discovered later why everyone got there so early and parked on the other side... We were facing west and the sun was HOT! Next month, we're getting there EARLY! All in all we had about 75 cars entered into the 13 Classes. It was one of their largest turn outs. Judging started at 7:30 PM and the judges were the 75 participants... Susan and I had a great time walking around and picking our favorites. My Class ws the 05-07 Mustangs and of the 13 entries I was car 4. Three "Class Awards" and one "First Place" were given in each class. I won an award in the 05-07 Mustang Class! I was really not expecting that!! Thanks everyone! PICTURES!!