Monday, September 19, 2011

MGP Caliper Covers

Ever painted your calipers? Then repainted them only to repaint them AGAIN later? Yeah, me too. Well, actually my friends painted them but you get my point.

I absolutely LOVE the look of body matched calipers and, unless your car is red or black, it isn't easy to come by. If you want it to look Good? Well, that's when you do your research, a little planning and invest in some MGP Caliper Covers.

The possibilities of customization are mind blowing or, if you want the popular red, black or silver, you can pick those up at a distributer like I being the girl that I am had to go the more creative (aka expensive) route but do not regret it.

We required spacers which MGP was happy to supply. Once we had those the install was easy and quick. We finished up in about an hour total (had to take photos too) which isn't bad considering our extreme heat in Texas this August and that we are not 20 anymore. :).

All in all, I LOVE my MGP Caliper Covers and highly recommend them. Oh, and before the install I had my Ford Service department at Bankston Arlington remove the Hawk Ceramic Pads, resurface the rotors and install OEM pads. No squeak, no sound, and with the covers in place,them out at

Pics below!