Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Contact from Hawk!

Hawk Performance has contacted me and it was a very wonderful conversation.  I will follow the instructions provided and follow up as requested.   I do still want to hear from others with these pads though. 

- Reba

Hawk Performance Ceramic brake pads

Anyone out there have Hawk Performance Ceramic brake pads? The ones that come in the yellow and black box?  If so, how are they working out for you?  I have some concerns that I have voiced to Hawk and I'm awaiting a reply.  I just wanted some unbiased feedback from other consumers.  Let me hear your stories.  I can't go into details of mine just yet as 1) I don't want to influence what you tell me and 2) I want to give Hawk the opportunity to reply to me.  That seems to me to be the correct and fair way to conduct business with any vendor.  Right?

I have some new photos to add... I'll try to post those soon!

- Reba