Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birthday Toys!!

My birthday is just around the corner and before it gets here I'll (hopefully) be showing Trinity at the Yellow Rose Classic in Fort Worth. So... in preparation I'm adding the following to my engine bay which, up to now, has been negelected... • Shock Tower Covers – Vista Blue Metallic • Radiator Cover Extensions – Molded Black • Fuse Box Cover, Brushed Aluminum • Brake M/C Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Power Steering Pump Reservoir Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Oil Filler Cap, Brushed Aluminum • Oil Dip Stick Handle, Brushed Aluminum • Radiator Cap Cover, Brushed Aluminum • Hood Prop, Stainless Steel I still have CAI (AirRaid), a Plenum cover, and a matching set of fuel rail covers on the list. Oh, and don't forget the new muffler (Donnie?). Audio will be limited to the addition (maybe) of a box and amp. I want it to look good for shows but I don't want to negate the collectibility of my Stampede. Speaking of that... my car won its first trophy last Saturday (7/21/07) at the NTMC Payton-Wright Ford Display. We got 1st Place Participant's Choice!! Wow was I surprised! Pictures from NTMC events can be found here: More Later! -Reba