Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New website design!

Hope you like the new site design.  I've enjoyed sprucing up the place. 

I'm still working on the brakes but I got sidelined with Susan's Mustang this week.  We haven't driven it since her operation on 6/28/10 and consequently the battery gave out on us.  100+ temperatures will do that to a nearly 4 year old battery anyway then add in the fact it wasn't getting recharged daily... Well, yeah, it was D.E.A.D.   We couldn't even unlock the doors or move it into neutral.  Nothing. 

I borrowed Donnie's charger and we left it on the car overnight.  This morning it showed that we had a full charge.  Pulled the charger off and she started up without any problems at all.  I will test it again tonight and it it shows any signs of degradation I'll put it back on the charger (on trickle per Donnie) and start looking for a decent replacement.   I'm praying that won't happen because with Susan out for medical and on no-pay status we really didn't budget for a new battery. :)

Oh well, we will do what we have to do and smile, thankful for what we have and the blessings we have been given.

Until later!