Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trinity got new shoes!

I purchased the car on 6/19/2006 and four years to the day I replaced the original tires.  (Hard to believe its been 4 Years!) I had taken the car to NTB to have them rotated and balanced but they wouldn't touch them.  They stated they (NTB) had a policy that kept them from rotating tires with the wear bars showing.  Well... crap.
I knew I needed tires but I was stalling as long as I could.  The car had just over 25500 miles when I arrived at Discount Tire on 6/19/2010 and purchased a set of the Riken Raptors.  Donnie's wife Sonya has these on her Mustang and they looked really nice plus the price was reasonable.  About an hour later my car was ready with new tires which they took the time to "show mount" on my request. They look SWEET!  And the ride is awesome.  Of course, I still have to break them in a bit.  :)
Also, Susan found this steering wheel cover and ends up it goes pretty well with the interior.  :)  I like it!
Here are the pictures!