Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I had a problem with the mufflers on the Pypes True Duals conversion kit. The kit includes Pypes StreetPro mufflers and I love the sound but the tip on the left muffler was welded on wrong. Instead of being properly lined up it was rotated to the left and the S of the Pypes logo was the only part of the logo that was centered. Problem was I was outside my 30 day window with American Muscle... I snapped some photos and sent off an email to Pypes and another to American Muscle. Pypes was very easy to work with and they are shipping out a new muffler! Yeah! I have some ideas for the new season and it's banging around in my head so loudly that it's drowning out just about everything else. No hints yet other that it should turn heads. :) Time for bed. G'night Reba