Friday, April 13, 2007

My how time flies!

Quick update...

The last editions to Trinity were Painted Mirror Covers and MGW's Seat Lever covers that match my 12v Power Point in the dash. Both were received and installed on 2/22/2007.

The interior is almost complete - there are only two more pieces of billet that I want to add and one of those is already en route. :) I'll post new pics when its installed.

Susan's Pony debut...

When I last posted we had just had the windows tinted and added her quarter window louvers... Well, her 2007 Pony looks like a whole new car! She saved everything in a box and had it all done at once. AUTOGRAPH SIGN SHOPPE did the work and removed the factory side stripe.

Jeff did a beautiful job of taking her concept and creating exactly what she wanted! She LOVES this car, it makes her happy, and that makes me VERY happy! Here a shot of both cars together...

Well, have a great day and I'll post more soon!

BTW - Be sure to stop by the Stampede Mustang Registry for a bit. StampedeStunner's got a great video of his black Stampede you are sure to enjoy... Plenty of pictures from our members... BlueStampede has modded his Stampede with a Roush flair... If you see a Stampede, or know someone that owns one, send them on over to the registry! Its free!

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