Thursday, September 14, 2006

2006 Mustang Accessories - Download Catalog

Blue Tooth, Trip Tunes, Car Cover... its all here. Copy and Paste the following link into your browser. If it doesn't open properly remember that it is a PDF file which means you need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system. Its available online from Adobe and its free.

Airbrushed Pony just in!

Bill Coogle over at Unique Automotive Designs did an awesome job on the airbrushed pony! I ordered it through Harman's. They are authorized dealers for Unique Automotive Designs as are a few others... If you find an airbrushed pony, engine cover, or other part its a good bet that it's Bill Coogle's work. Check out his site at .

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New pictures...

Well, we didn't wash Trinity but we did wipe her down with detailer and polish her up. Then we took new pictures for you today. I can't wait for the airbrushed pony to get her next week!!!


Tonight Jeff Holland of Autograph Sign Shoppe added the side stripe and windshield banner. The side stripes were designed after the '05 OEM Mustang stripes however instead of MUSTANG they have STAMPEDE. Jeff custom cut these based on my suggestions. Four were created so that if anything went wrong during install we'd have a spare. Well, the install went great so we used a third stripe as a windshield banner. Looks sharp. All three are silver, same as the rally stripes already on the car and the letters are cut out allowing the color underneath to show through. Here are some preleminary pictures taken tonight. I'll take more later when we have better light and an opportunity to clean the car again: I also received notice today that my airbrushed pony for the grill shipped today! Bill Coogle of has created a beautiful pony that will replace the chrome pony in my grille. This one will be Vista Blue Metallic, like the car, with silver metallic flames kind of like this.... although no two are exactly alike....

I also received in the mail yesterday a full set of V6 Pony Showlenses from Harmon's Showlenses. I was very excited about getting a blue set on Trinity ASAP. Well its late... Off to bed I go. More pictures soon! Thanks again to Jeff of Autograph, his wife Amy and their kids! We love you! Reba (& Susan)