Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am so over winter...

For all my efforts on Saturday I ended up not feeling well Sunday, cancelled our trip to the Movie Studio Grill (just opened here) and stayed home hoping to stave it off. No such luck as Monday morning it only got worse and I called in to work and slept all day. Now this morning I am leaving for work and it is SLEETING! Yesterday the sun was out and it was chilly (40-50 degrees) but beautiful. All of a sudden we're back to this crap. Sometimes I really do not like Texas weather. Tuesday I ordered the louvers for PRIDE, our Performance White 2007 Mustang Coupe. There's this box in on Susan's desk with all her stuff that she's bought for the car that she hasn't been able to put on since we've been having this cold weather... She's excited about the louvers... Me too! I love the way they looked on the simulator. The thing I love most of all is now Susan's fully sharing my Mustang addiction and, along with our photography and other interests, its really awesome to share all the things you love in life with The One, ya know? Now, if I could only get her to love Converse All-Stars like I do... LOL! I've been hanging out on lately. Think MySpace but where everyone is a Mustang fan/enthusiast/owner. Its really cool. You should check it out! Well, got to run for now!

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