Thursday, May 13, 2010

New lock pockets from Silverhorse Racing.

These are the triple chromed lock Pockets from Silver Horse Racing.  I went ahead and got these even though the 'redesigned' version isn't out yet.  I'm hoping that they work well enough that I will not need to return them and get the newer design...

I took the Mustang up to Audio Tint Depot where we removed the existing Ford Plastic lock pockets and found the quick disconnects that Tyler built into the LED lights.  We were then able to remove the RadLites from the plastic pockets and thread them into the chrome ones.  With that done we reinstalled them and seated them into the doors.  These, as Silver Horse Racing stated, do not fit 100% true to OEM so I used a bit of the plastic trim adhesive to see if I could stabilize them.  Since there are no moving parts (door pins) in this install there's no fear of the repetitive movement knocking them free.

The completed project turned out just as wonderfully as I hoped.  The RadLites LED's look like they were made for these lock pockets.  They sit totally flush and blend beautifully with the pockets. When they are off you barely notice them.  At night the chrome amplifies the LED light even though these are bright enough on their own really.  

I'll post some pictures soon of the entire door with these installed.  Looks sharp. 

- Reba

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  1. hey you have a amazing car here you. you have done one hell of a job i have the same car i believe not as fancy but a 06 mustang pony package manual vista blue ,i have a few questions i loved the effects of all the pieces but their are a few i would love to add . The front grill looks amazing where did you land that? and also the back carbon fibre strip covering the trunk emblem/ key hole? last but not least the inside led lights thats a pretty cool effect
    if you have time to answer my questions i would appreciate it Thank you