Monday, March 15, 2010

Putting on the final touches...

It is almost here... the beginning to the show season - Palestine! The road trip to Palestine, the Dogwood Festival and the car show. There's nothing like 50+ Mustangs cruising down the highway!

We have a couple shows before Palestine but, to me, Palestine is the beginning of the season. This is what I have been working towards and waiting for. When the doctor gave me good news on Thursday, 3/11/10, it was Palestine that I was excited about. I finally get to show my car again!

I've got one item on the way but it may not get here in time. I've got a few more that I'd 'like to have but will have to wait on. I think at this point with the IRS money and Susan's generosity I've dropped a serious amount of cash into the car since December. More than I really want to add up to be honest. I'm already paranoid that someone is going to run into it.

I just added 6 more items. Two of these replaced items I already had. The others were new to the car:

* Action Artistry Auto Shift Bezel - Chrome Smooth
* Artistry Seat Strap Covers - Chrome
* Artistry Seat Release Levers - Chrome
* Artistry AC Knob Covers - Smooth Chrome
* Artistry Mustang A/C Trim Pieces - Smooth Chrome
* Chrome Billet Auto Trans. Handle Shrouds

The fun part was finding my original A/C knobs. Did you know those sell for $36 EACH from Ford? WTH? Anyway, luckily I didn't have to replace them.

She is looking VERY GOOD! New photos will be available soon!

- Reba

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