Friday, June 04, 2010

Side Scoops by DG Custom Auto

Back on May 15th I took the car over to Jeff Holland at Autograph Sign Shoppe and we pulled the side stripes off the car and made some significant appearance changes.  Once that was completed I spent a day or so trying to determine what the sides "needed" and kept coming back to side scoops.  So... on May 17th I purchased some from DG Custom Auto, Inc..  They arrived on Monday, May 24th, just after 'the paint incident', and just in time to be put on before I put the wax back on.

When I first ordered these I had indicated my color code, G9, and that I needed them in time for an event in early June.  Craig at DG Custom Auto, Inc. replied letting me know that they did not have any of the scoops in my color in stock but they were at paint and were expected in by the following week.  I know that I can be persistent and, to some vendors, a bit of a pain in the rear but my frequent checking in for status didn't seem to upset Craig.  If anything, he put a rush on getting them here... The scoops shipped on Friday, 5/21/10, and they were here by Monday, 5/24/10.

Installation is very straightforward and instructions are provided.  I was surprised to see the 3M promoter supplied.  Very pleasantly surprised!  I didn't get that with some of the other pieces I have on the car and really wish those manufacturers had the forethought to provide it.  I digress...

We aligned the scoops to the car - both sides - to ensure we knew where they would go.  We then broke the seal on the 3M Promoter and quickly applied a light coat where the 3M tape would be applied.  We waited 5 minutes then began the process of applying the scoops.

We pulled a little of each 3M tape back to form a "pull tab" and then carefully seated the top corner by the door making sure that the bottom corner (by the door) stayed aligned.  We then pressed the scoop to the car gently while pulling the red 3M tape backing from under the scoop.   Once all of the backing was removed we pressed firmly on all edges of the scoop, checked to make sure we had a good seal then stepped back to check our work.  Looked AWESOME!  Then we repeated the process on the other side.  The pictures below are of the scoops when I first opened the box, after the first was installed, and then the next morning in full light.

I think they complement the car very well.  :)

Thank you again DG Custom Auto, Inc.!!

- Reba

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