Thursday, May 06, 2010

New Hawk Brakes! Painted Calipers!

Hawk brake pads arrived today about 30 minutes after I had dropped the car off at NTB so I walked them down there and had the pleasure of getting to watch as he was machining my rear driver's side rotor.  He did say that the rear rotors were also warped... worse than the fronts... o.O

A couple of hours later I picked up the car and on the way back down to my office I ran it around the block making some hard stops from 35-45 MPH and some softer ones (not complete stops) and I can really tell the difference. I'm really pleased with the brakes and with NTB! Good job!

I was talking with Sarah via texting and she said if I brought the car by that she'd paint the calipers... WOOHOO! So, off I went to Sarah and Troy's!!!

 They turned out beautifully... Here are the pics of before, during, and after.

Thank you so much Sarah and Troy!! - Reba


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