Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow, it has been CRAZY!

As you know Palestine was cancelled so instead we hung out at Nostalgia Nights in Arlington before the weather came in and brought us, strangely enough, snow.  Flash forward to March 26th - Again we headed out to Nostalgia Nights but this time we got there early and it was packed!  The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time.  Saturday, March 27th, we headed over to North Richland Hills to the Christian Classic Cruiser's show.  I'd never been to theirs before.  It's a judged show and it really showed me how out of this I was!   It was a good night with friends nonetheless topped off with 80's night (LOL) at a bar "around the corner" in Wataga, Texas. 

April took off like a rocket with three shows on April 3rd. - Cars and Coffee - Dallas, Freddy's in Frisco, and Monthly Muscle in Plano.  The Cars and Coffee had probably over 1000 cars there!  There was a Bugatti, some Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Tesla...  You name the car and it was there.  Everyone had coffee, walked around and looked at cars, talked to owners and then went home.  It was really cool. 

I won my first award of 2010 at Freddy's. :)  Lastly the Monthly Muscle show was fun but I was TIRED.  :)  That's a lot of car shows for one day when you've been out of the circuit for a year.  :) 

April 10 - North Texas Mustang Club's first Cracker Barrel Cruise of the season and all of Tara, Justin and Vinny's hard work passing out flyers at all these shows paid off.  It was PACKED and I picked up my second award of the year. 

I still have some minor things I wanted to get done before Yellow Rose which, by the way, I will be in this year provided of course there is room.  I understand it is filling up quickly. 

I'll keep you updated!

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