Sunday, August 27, 2006


Why R.E.S.P.E.C.T.? I feel that Trinity is beginning to blossom into her own full "unique-ness" that is causing heads to turn and a few eyes to stare. This makes folks close to me a bit nervous. DFW has its share of car-jacking, theives, and fools, but I can't sit around and sweat the "What If"'s and in turn lose out on what is or what could be. I won't live my life in fear. If there's a chance that they will take your stuff you have two choices - give it up and live or hold on to it and maybe not go home that night. I'd rather hand the keys over to someone who wanted my ride bad enough to threaten my life to get it. Besides, hidden in the car is a device that can tell me where it is anyway and I can shut it down myself within minutes making it inoperable to any thief. By then they would be far away from me but yet easier to find by police. False security? Nah. I still know to keep the doors locked, keep the music low in areas where you don't want to call too much attention to youreslf, and make sure someone always knows where I'm at. So.. with that in mind, I've got MORE planned for this car!!

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