Friday, December 21, 2012

Going into another off-season

This is normally the time where we (we being owners of show car Mustangs) begin our planning and preparing to improve the car over the previous season or just to give it "something new". Trinity will be 7 in June and although she is still less than 42K miles she is at a point where one may have to look at what needs replacing over what needs to be modified or added.

Having been laid off in July, not driving much even after taking a three month contract position in September (mostly working from home), the Mustang has sat in the driveway for extended amount of times. Enough so that yesterday she wouldn't start at all. The Optima is now two years old. The only times it has given me trouble was after a long day of car shows and I had run my stereo and LED's.

So... The sudden restriction in income, and the looming needs to begin replacing existing parts (tires are going to need replacing soon) will negate the list of items I would LOVE to add on for 2013.

To cover what we did for 2012:

- Added GT Bumper
- Added V6 Chin Spoiler
- Fixed passenger front quarter panel damage
- Fixed damage over passenger wheel well
- Replaced Pony-Package ponies with Chrome ones
- Removed blue skull caps from side mirrors
- Added chrome covers to side mirrors
- Added new blue skull caps over the chrome mirror covers
- Added chrome door handles
- Added chrome antennae base
- Replaced chrome lock pockets with ones that fit better
- Replaced blue LED lighting in lock pockets
- Removed STAMPEDE banner
- Removed Stampede Edition decal from back window
- Added 1/4 inch chrome "C Stripe"
- Added chrome fuel door with lock
- Added NGK Iridium Spark Plugs gapped to Live Wires specs
- Replaced worn set of Live Wires
- Removed chrome SCT emblem
- Added chrome Ichthys (Christian Fish Symbol)
- Chrome tailpipe accents (Scott Drake)
- Blue lug nuts
- Custom painted/engraved MGP caliper covers
- Blue valve stem covers

What I'd love to change in 2013 (cash flow permitting):

- Remove AirRaid CAI
- BBK CAI or more advanced (tune needed)
- Add BBK throttle body
- Pypes pipe bombs mufflers
- High flow cats
- Door leather inserts - repair/replace
- Matching inserts for rear sears
- Update leather seats.
- Shifter knob for TCI

I'm sure there's more but I'll have to add them later. I'll have to go through my "modifications" list and do some editing. :).

Here' s a few pictures showing the items mentioned above.


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