Monday, October 11, 2010

Good weekend...

Friday night I hung out at the Nostalgia Nights show (I-20 and Little Road, Arlington). I didn't go out there with anyone but Tara came out and Donnie and Sonya dropped by. I'm learning that, outside of my home life, I'm pretty much satisfied with being alone.
I enjoyed Tara's company and the fact that Donnie and Sonya dropped by but I would have enjoyed my time alone. Saturday I did more of the same. Knights of Columbus charity Car Show at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Saw a friendly face there and made a couple new friends. Nice to see different cars for a change of pace. Then the NTMC Cruise at the Cracker Barrel at 4 that afternoon. All my club friends, good laughs, a class award then dinner with the gang before heading home. Only one more cruise left in the season and then the holidays will be here. Soon it will be time to begin work on the off-season mods and changes for next season. I'm actually excited about that. :)

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