Monday, October 19, 2009

OMG, she's CLEAN again!!!

It took one very nice power washer, a couple hours, a muscle relaxer and a pain pill but I got my baby washed for the first time since Memorial Day weekend just prior to my surgery. Pictures were taken in the neighbor's driveway... our grass was being mowed and I didn't want the car getting dirty again...
I'll admit that once I had her all cleaned up that the urge to show her started pulling at me again. I can't wait until next Spring. Maybe then I won't need medicine just to detail my car.
Looking hard at replacing some audio pieces... A friend has an X pipe and duals on his V6 which got me to thinking again about putting those on Trinity. Would have to get a GT bumper though... don't want to cut mine.
I can't believe the car is now over 3 years old but just rolled over to 21K miles this weekend. I can't remember ever keeping a car this long. OMG, it's actually out of the standard factory warranty and into the extended warranty now! LOL!
Hmmm.... what else can be done to this car that is "bolt on" and would be easy to remove later when I want to return to stock? Has to be tasteful and classy...

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