Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its been awhile!!

Yellow Rose was a smashing success.  Our little trio took Most Unique Display and all three of us earned Class Awards.  Not bad at all.  We had a blast!  We did a Red, White and Blue theme as the "Patriotic Ponies" honoring our those who have served/are serving our country.  Susan's "USA PNY" was the centerpiece of our display.  Each of us had an individualized show poster describing our car and then at each corner and at the center posts were pictures of all three cars together with a description of our display and what we were doing (Honoring our troops).  We also had a slideshow (with patriotic songs) of soldiers playing - some of which were family members of our club members including my Dad and my niece.  We had giveaways and candy and red, white, and blue mardi gras beads.  It was really fun. 

Its been a busy busy show season.  I participated in 18 Shows this season and earned 6 Class Awards, 3 Class Winners/First Place, 1 Director's Choice and the Most Unique Display honor.  I started showing half-way through the 2007 season and completed 12 shows earning 5 Class Awards, 2 Class Winner/First Place and one Participant Choice Award. 

Christmas is around the corner and I can't think of anything I want for the Stampede... Well, maybe some new leather covers for the seats but that's out of the $$$ range.  Future thoughts may include a GT bumper and duals.  My friend Donnie has a muffle delete that sounds sick on his Mustang! I keep imagining that times two!  Other than that, I may have someone look at the suspension parts and tell me if they are V6 or V8.  I don't think they are V6.  The car is lower than Susan's V6 (I've measured it thank you!).  The ride and handling are totally different.  I realize I have traction control and she doesn't but I can turn that off and it doesn't change the fact that it just sticks to the road.  We have the same wheels, same tires, same swaybars (?), same suspension (?)... I have ABS and traction control... but this thing corners like my old 2002 GT only better.  Seriously.  If you are a NTMC member and know me personally I'll let you drive it and see for yourself.  Something is different in this Stampede package...

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