Monday, January 07, 2008

2005+ Hood Blanket...

The hood blanket on my Mustang is something that I'd like to remove but I'm unsure as to how that would affect the car. The Stampede's stripes are vinyl and excess heat could damage them... An alternative would be this: But other than the cool pony in the center I'm not sure if I'd actually be gaining anything asthetically. The stock blanket is a fiber content (?) and this is ABS Plastic. It appears to be more gray than black. Can it be polished (Armor All)? Not sure I want to spend $80 to find out... I'll have to find someone who has this...


  1. super.michael @t gmail d0t com1/10/2008 09:40:00 PM

    Wondering about this myself! I don't suppose you found someone who has it for an unbiased opinion/pics? I am always looking for a new way to pimp my stang and this looks decent (price isn't bad either) However, ABS plastic sounds sorta 'iffy' as a material considering how hot a stang can run.

    PS found your blog from google while searching for unique mustang hoods.

  2. My friend Donnie did end up buying this and we both were disappointed in it. The "cut out" of the pony is in fact a vinyl sticker applied to the blanket. The blanket itself arrived rolled up with connectors and 3M tape for installation. Even with extra 3M tape Donnie found that it rubbed on his plenum cover and at least 1-2 other areas. He tried to return it and was refused. They did tell them it had not been tested on a V6. Maybe it would be fine for shows or temporary use but the description online leaves a lot to be desired and unfortunately one is left to make assumptions. Personally, I'll keep looking.